VICTORY: Clearlake Mute Swans Saved from Extermination Plan

VICTORY: Clearlake Mute Swans Saved from Extermination Plan

We’re overjoyed to share the good news! Thanks to the compassionate residents of Clearlake, California and our advocacy efforts, more than 20 mute swans can continue to live peacefully on Clear Lake without the threat of being brutally killed just for being unfairly labeled as an “invasive” species.

In late October, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announced plans to destroy all of the mute swans living on the lake. The Department sought a rubber stamp of approval from local agencies, although it was not required.

Our team sprung into action to save the swans! We expressed our concerns to the Lake County Board of Supervisors and to the Lake County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee. It turns out that the Advisory Committee Chair Greg Giusti was not in favor of such extreme lethal measures when humane alternatives exist. 

Fearing a public relations nightmare, local agencies voiced opposition instead of anticipated support for the cruel plan. Within a couple of weeks, the CDFW officially withdrew its swan eradication plan!

According to this article in the Sacramento Bee, mute swans were brought to the area by humans in 2004. Local residents had grown to love the swans and wrote dozens of letters to oppose the planned extermination. This victory proves that residen’s’ voices can make a real difference in local politics!

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