Trophy Hunter's Hall of Shame

Trophy Hunter's Hall of Shame

From reportedly paying thousands of dollars to kill protected animals, to illegally gunning down hibernating bear families in their dens, we are shining a light on some of the most shockingly cruel trophy hunters in recent history.

1. Walter Palmer

Cecil the lion’s infamous murderer has now killed an endangered ram. The face of Walter Palmer (L) was edited out of the picture before it was shared on social media. Credit: Facebook 

The American dentist from Minnesota known the world over for the shameful murder of Cecil the lion is back at destroying the lives of animals. You may remember him from the night of July 1, 2015, when Palmer lured Cecil, a 13-year-old lion, out of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe using the scent of an elephant carcass. Palmer then shot him with a bow and arrow and tracked the suffering lion for hours. Palmer fatally shot Cecil with a second arrow the following morning. Cecil was a beloved lion who attracted international tourists and was the subject of a ten-year study by the University of Oxford at the time of his death. Palmer reportedly paid $50,000 to hunt Cecil.


Walter Palmer (L) poses with a lion he killed (not Cecil). 

Now, Palmer has reportedly paid $100,000 to hunt an endangered Altai argali in Mongolia, the largest species of wild sheep in the world. Palmer has been identified as one of the men posing with a dead argali ram. 

From compassionate people everywhere, we urge you to stop your disgraceful actions!


2. Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. poses while holding a severed elephant’s tail.

Staying true to his family’s legacy of blatantly and unabashedly showing zero compassion toward living beings, Trump Jr.’s killing spree continues. In June 2020, Trump Jr. killed an endangered argali sheep in Mongolia and received permits for doing so days after the fact. Trump Jr.’s hunting escapade reportedly cost hardworking Americans more than $75,000 in taxes in the process.

In February, Safari Club International auctioned off a “dream hunt,” in which the highest bidder would accompany Trump Jr. on a week-long slaughter-fest targeting sea ducks and Sitka black-tailed deer along southeastern Alaska. Some Alaskan sea duck species are protected under the Endangered Species Act but Trump Jr. doesn’t have to worry about that too much since his father President Donald Trump is working hard to get rid of this animal protection law.

Apparently, Trump Jr. has no plans to stop his killing rampage and recently “won” a license by “pure luck” to hunt grizzly bears in Alaska. This is only possible since his father recently overturned a law that banned the most detestable hunting practices in state parks, such as killing hibernating mama and baby bears and hunting bears with dogs; methods that are too repulsive even for many hunters.

Please speak up for Alaska’s bear families before it is too late!


3. Jimmy John Liautaud

Jimmy John Liautaud sits on a dead elephant and gives a double thumbs up.

Repulsive images of Jimmy John Liautaud, founder of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, have gone viral on multiple occasions. This notoriously shameless individual has been documented giving an enthusiastic thumbs up next to an elephant’s bloody carcass as well as proudly hoisting up a lifeless leopard. The franchise chain owner has also slaughtered many other animals, including endangered rhinos, sharks, and bears.

Jimmy John Liautaud grinning while hoisting the body of a dead leopard.

Urge Jimmy John’s to denounce animal abuse and to support animal-friendly diets!


4. Andrew and Owen Renner

Father and son butchered a mama bear and her babies as they slept. Credit: Facebook

In 2018, Andrew and Owen Renner shot and killed a hibernating mama bear and her two terrified cubs within point-blank range in Alaska. The horrifying acts of brutality were captured on motion-activated camera set up by the U.S. Forest Service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game outside of the bears’ den. 

After discovering the mother bear was wearing a collar from the Department of Fish and Game as part of a bear study, the father and son removed the collar, mercilessly butchered her, and put her dismembered body parts in bags. The pair returned to the site two days later to pick up the collar and shell casings and put the baby cubs’ lifeless bodies in a bag. 

In January 2019, both individuals pleaded guilty to multiple misdemeanor counts, including the illegal slaying of the hibernating bears. Andrew Renner was sentenced to three months in jail and was ordered to pay a $9,000 fine, forfeit a pickup truck, boat and trailer, weapons, skis, and cell phones. His hunting license was revoked for 10 years. His son, Owen Renner, received 30 days of suspended jail time, was ordered to take a hunters’ safety course, and his hunting license was suspended for two years. 


5. Tony Makris

NRA lobbyist Tony Makris (L/R) shot an endangered elephant in the face. Credit: NBCSN

National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbyist Tony Makris makes our list for shooting a terrified elephant in the face and toasting his success with champagne on the NRA-sponsored hunting television show, Under Wild Skies, and then comparing his many critics to Hitler. Makris hunted lions, leopards and endangered rhinos and endangered rhinos on the show, which NBCSN canceled after overwhelming opposition from activists around the world due to his vicious insults and blatant disregard for animal lives. 

Now Under Wild Skies is suing the NRA for not keeping their end of this ruthless deal after receiving free hunting safaris to exotic locations. 

Compassionate people everywhere urge Makris to stop killing what’s left of the world’s endangered species and other iconic wild animals!

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