Urgent: Protect Grizzlies from Trophy Hunters!

Urgent: Protect Grizzlies from Trophy Hunters!

Wyoming and Idaho are considering opening up hunting seasons on grizzly bears as early as this coming fall. Grizzly bears were only delisted as an endangered species less than a year ago. Without protection under the Endangered Species Act, individual states can now decide whether to allow bear hunts. It's clear that Wyoming and Idaho are committed to preventing the long-term recovery of grizzlies. We must stop this hunting bloodbath and protect these indigenous animals!

These powerful, iconic creatures play a critical role in healthy ecosystems but sadly, grizzly bears now occupy only a small fraction of their former range. Since they were listed as an endangered species in 1975, there has been an increase in the number of grizzlies, but no significant gain in habitat. In the lower 48 states, grizzlies are still restricted to the Northern Rockies and a very small part of the Northern Cascade Mountains. Hunting them outside of protected areas, such as Yellowstone National Park, will only further isolate populations and prevent meaningful conservation. With drought, climate change, and increased development threatening their habitat and food sources, hunting is a challenge grizzly bears should not be forced to face.

Killing grizzly bears for trophies is unfathomable, especially when they are struggling to return to their historic homes and so recently stripped of Endangered Species Act protections. Conservationists, lovers of wildlife, and Native American communities all oppose the killing of grizzly bears. There's not much time. Add your voice now to oppose this senseless slaughter of wild animals!

What YOU Can Do:

1) Contact both the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game by phone, web submit form, and by signing our alert which will be electronically delivered to all the commissioners to let them know that you oppose trophy hunting of grizzly bears.

Call today as Wyoming's comment period ends on Monday, April 30, while Idaho's ends next Thursday the 3rd.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department - 307-777-4600
Idaho Department of Fish and Game - 208-334-3700

2) Submit Online Comments:
Wyoming, open until Monday 4/30

Idaho, open until 5/3

3) Sign our letter by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page to the Commissioners of Wyoming Game and Fish and Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Wyoming Commissioners:
Keith Culver
Mark Anselmi
David Rael
Patrick Crank
Mike Schmid
Gay Lynn Byrd
Peter Dube

Idaho Commissioners:
Brad Corkill
Daniel Blanco
Blake Fischer
Greg Cameron
Lane Clezie
Derick Attebury
Jerry Meyers

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