Victory for Canuck the Crow!

Victory for Canuck the Crow!

Late last week, we saw the desperate plea for help for Canada's most famous crow, posted by his human friend, Shawn Bergman. It seems that even though Canuck and his mate are too young to have babies, it didn't stop them from making a nest and guarding it, which caused issues for Canada Post, leading the Canadian mail service to stop deliveries to numerous residents near the nest, and subsequent death threats being made against Canuck.

We immediately posted to our Facebook page and asked for help, and we weren't disappointed by the response - lots of comments were made on Canada Post's Facebook page, and we again asked for help when we posted news reports covering the issue.

Days later, after months of silence on the issue, mail delivery has resumed without comment by Canada Post, but we know it was in response to all of Canuck's great human friends. Thank you for caring!

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