NorCal Residents: "Honor the Dead, Help the Living" Tule Elk Rally

NorCal Residents: "Honor the Dead, Help the Living" Tule Elk Rally

Tragically and horrifically, the National Park Service stood by as 152 Tule elk died of thirst and starvation in 2020, trapped inside their large fenced enclosure at Point Reyes National Seashore. 

Help prevent 100+ more elk from dying in California's ongoing summer-autumn drought by joining this community demonstration.

More of the remaining Tule elk — now just 293, starved down to 445 last year — will suffer the same cruel, slow death if the fence isn't removed and the elk set free to roam Point Reyes' full 71,000 acres for water and food.

The ironically named Elk "Reserve" — in reality a large lethal pen in times of drought — are trapped in Tomales Point with inadequate water and forage.

The 8-foot-tall, miles-long fence exists only to please private, for-profit cattle ranches and dairies leasing land from this public park unit.

Join a community of hundreds of elk, wildlife and National Park fans who will NOT stand idly by like the Park Service. Covid-safe, masked, distanced, outdoors.

What: “Honor the Dead, Help the Living” Tule Elk Rally
When: Saturday, May 1, 11 am - 2 pm Pacific Time
Where: Pierce Point Ranch, Tule Elk “Reserve,” Point Reyes National Seashore (@ very end of Pierce Point Ranch Rd.)

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Speakers Include:

  • Julie Phillips, elk biologist, 37 years field experience
  • Robert Johnston, professor emeritus, Land Use & Public Policy
  • Skyler Thomas, filmmaker, "Shame of Point Reyes"
  • Fleur Dawes, In Defense of Animals
  • Jack Gescheidt, TreeSpirit Project


  • Layers of warm clothing for cold, wind.
  • Sturdy shoes for uneven ground.
  • Face-covering for Covid safety.
  • Signs for the media to see, if you have, or we will provide.
  • WATER for the elk, as part of the demonstration. 1 quart, up to 5 gallons, based on your physical ability.

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