Cruelty Couture

Cruelty Couture

Lady Gaga outdid even herself with her latest shocking “fashion” statement when she recently posed for Japan’s Men’s Vogue Magazine cover in a raw red meat bikini. Ok, you win Lady Gaga, or should I say Lady Gag-gag, we’re shocked and we’re talking about it. However, the dead animal hanging from her body certainly doesn’t win, and does need to be talked about.

Gaga has taken her “fashion” statements beyond soda cans in her hair and pearls glued to her face. Her latest flaunt has implications beyond mere material draped to her body, she has draped someone else’s body on her body and I, for one, am offended. Someone, or several someone’s, died for her statement.

Perhaps we should thank The Queen of Outlandish for giving us an opportunity to say “gross!”, as we should when we see cut up pieces of a dead animal. But beyond the gross factor, this blatant display was obviously intended for shock value. It is shocking to see bloody body parts from a tortured animal. Images of slaughterhouses and chain saws and gore are shocking; and what is even more shocking is that we eat it! Millions of animals endure extreme confinement, misery, pain and death on farms every day and it is all completely unnecessary as a plant-based diet is not only humane and healthier, it reduces our personal carbon footprint significantly.

I hope you will join IDA and go “gaga” for the compassionate vegan diet during World Go Vegan Week October 24 – 31. Let’s educate Lady Gaga on how we can end the suffering of farmed animals while taking care of our bodies and the planet. If you are interested in celebrating World Go Vegan Week with us by coordinating an event in your area, please contact

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