Go Vegan with Ellen!

Go Vegan with Ellen!

IDA would like to thank Ellen DeGeneres for launching a new educational website called Going Vegan with Ellen. The celebrated comedian and talk show host has turned her love for animals and a healthy lifestyle into a website that shares recipes, tips on getting started, and glimpses of other celebrities that are also vegan including her wife, actress Portia de Rossi. Some other famous vegans noted on her site are Joaquin Phoenix, Toby Maguire, Lea Michele of Glee, and Emily Deschanel who was IDA’s spokesperson for World Go Vegan Week last year.

DeGeneres went vegan in 2008 and has steadily increased her dedication to the diet, shunning Lady Gaga’s meat dress on her show and offering the musician a dress made of veggies instead.

We love Ellen and her passion for veganism, however, she is now the face of Cover Girl Cosmetics, a company notorious for testing their products on animals. We hope that she can make the connection that animals suffer in labs just as much as those that end up on our plates and either discontinue support of Cover Girl or use her celebrity power and get them to stop testing on animals- an even better option!

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