IDA is On The Ground!

IDA is On The Ground!

This photo says it all. They need our help and we are there.

This photo says it all. They need our help and we are there.

IDA is on the ground in Haiti, with our representative Connie Durkee working as part of an animal disaster relief team in Port-au-Prince now. Together with the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH), which is coordinating with Sociedad Dominicana para la Prevención de Crueldad a los Animales (SODOPRECA) from the Dominican Republic, IDA’s Connie Durkee has been responding to help animals since Sunday, January 24th. With the support of the Haitian government and international agencies, the team has been identifying the country’s most pressing animal-related problems, as well as exploring options for creating a wide-ranging, long-term plan to improve infrastructure for veterinary care, vaccination programs and animal population control services.

As part of a 12-member animal disaster relief team of veterinarians, vet techs and disaster responders, IDA’s Connie, is traveling back and forth every day from a safe zone into the streets of the devastated city of Port-au-Prince, to rescue animals in distress and provide care for ill and injured animals. In addition to having veterinary support staff on the ground in Haiti to provide medical care to animals, IDA has sent funds through ARCH to help pay for a mobile veterinary clinic, medicine and supplies that are being used to help animals every day in Haiti.

IDA’s Connie reports: “Many animals need help on the ground. One of them was a dog who was rescued nearly two weeks after the quake. We are so glad we could be here on time to be able to treat him, provide much needed care and reunite him with his animal guardian.”

She also reports that they have also been providing much needed veterinary care for animals whose families have been dealing with severe poverty even before the disaster. Stopping to teach the families how to apply medicine for manage and other medical concerns such as ear infections and tick infestations. Read Connie’s –  Diary from Inside Haiti

The ARCH team is continuing to search out “street dogs” but because they are so timid, they maybe “hiding out” still.

As the team responds to help animals, they quickly realize the need for reinforcements – more veterinary assistance, medicine, and equipment. And IDA is ready to help.

Our immediate need is for your financial support. Help us help animals in Haiti, while also preparing to respond quickly to assist animals affected in other disasters. Support IDA’s Animal Disaster Relief Fund.

Learn more about IDA’s work in Haiti. For more information about how you can help IDA help animals affected by disasters, please contact us at

Thank you for your generosity and caring in this moment of crisis.