IDA Prepares to Help Haiti

IDA Prepares to Help Haiti

I doubt any of us will forget when disaster hit New Orleans in 2005 in the form of Hurricane Katrina. At the time, I volunteered to work crisis lines to help with companion animal rescue efforts in Louisiana as well as Mississippi. I can still remember how the calls from the desperate and traumatized came in at all hoursĀ  – often on top of each other. IDA was one of several organizations that sent rescue teams then. Now, IDA is actively assessing how we can assist both people and animals in Haiti. IDA is partnering together with a coalition of animal protection organization (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti, i.e. ARCH) to assist with the pooling of both funds and on the ground assistance & response in order to support Haiti animal relief.

We are currently in touch with other ARCH partners to determine how we can best coordinate and maximize our efforts. As reports of refugees having to flee the devastated area pour in, it is heartbreaking to hear of the extremely difficult choices that people have faced to save themselves and families. Without animal protection organizations helping in these efforts, it is unthinkable what the future for the animals affected by this disaster may look like.

If you have resources that might be put to use to help the animals of Haiti, or if you would like to become more involved in IDA’s disaster relief efforts, please contact The best way to help the affected animals of Haiti is with your financial contributions. If you would like to support our animal disaster response efforts, please help us with your donation by clicking here.

Our thoughts are with the people and animals of Haiti. We are standing by, and hope you will too. We will post updates on our blog as they become available.

We encourage our members to also support whichever humanitarian relief groups you feel most comfortable with.

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