James Cromwell Speaks Out for Animals

James Cromwell Speaks Out for Animals

Legendary Actor James Cromwell And IDA Speak Out For World Week For Animals In Laboratories!

Actor, humanitarian and activist James Cromwell is joining with IDA for World Week for Animals in Laboratories, April 20 – 28, to speak out about the billions of dollars in federal money that goes to fund inhumane and needless experiments on animals.

Click here to read IDA’s just-released, third annual list of the Top Ten Most Outrageous Experiments on Animals.

Cromwell, who is renowned for his 1995 portrayal as Farmer Hoggett in “Babe,” became an outspoken advocate for animals after that role, which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Cromwell issued these strong statements in support of ending the use of animals in cruel and unnecessary research:

“While precious dollars are being cut from every area of government, the wasteful funding of animal experiments that IDA has identified is infuriating. It is time to re-direct taxpayer health funding to actually helping people get well, rather than making animals suffer and die.”

“Along with IDA, I fully support the responsible funding of research. Considering the constant reports of mass shootings and other devastating outcomes of mental illness, we should be spending our valuable tax dollars on research to improve treatment for mental illness, yet our government continues to sponsor animal research that has no practical or scientific value.”