Join Us for Fur Free Friday, November 29!

Join Us for Fur Free Friday, November 29!

Over the last twenty-seven years, Fur Free Friday has grown to become the largest animal rights demonstration of the year. Don’t miss your opportunity on November 29, the day after Thanksgiving, to join with thousands of activists worldwide for this important international day of action! Please check out our 2013 list of events to find a demonstration in your area.

If you are unable to attend a demonstration, please help IDA alert holiday shoppers to the egregiously cruel fur industry by participating in our virtual demonstration. All you need to do is change your Facebook profile picture to the Life on a Fur Farm image.

Help us spread the word about the incredible amount of suffering that is contained in each fur item, whether it is a full-length coat, fur lining, or fur trim. This cruelty will end only when consumers refuse to buy or wear fur. If you have any questions about Fur Free Friday, or IDA’s fur campaign, please e-mail us.