A Day At Hope Animal Sanctuary

A Day At Hope Animal Sanctuary

Have you ever been so in the thick of things that the stress and emotions just silence you? You’re not depressed, but your likely maxed out. That’s probably what’s going on here.

At Hope Animal Sanctuary our team begins each morning with a bit of time together and with a plan for the day we head for the animals we are each to care for. The animals are the B12 we need to face another seemingly impossible day. Impossible? Why would a day with a plan be impossible? The phone! [singlepic id=44 w=320 h=240 float=right]
At this time we are at maximum care for the animals we’ve been entrusted with. There are horses everywhere needing rescue and we do not have space, staff, or funds to take more in. Percy is our only donkey. He might as well be a large dog. Arlin, our Barbados Sheep is solo, but is inseparable from Celeste, the horse he treasures.

Our eleven pigs have told us we can rescue more, but they will have to have their own space. They stand their ground when it comes to someone new snouting in.

The emus would likely welcome friends, but the demise of the “emus market” is far enough behind us that it’s rare to receive a call on their behalf.

The cats are in harmony and those in the main cattery were exposed to leukemia when we took three young cats in last year. The youngsters tested negative for feluke when they came in and later broke with rapid symptoms and a horrendously swift decline. The other cats that were exposed are mostly semi-feral to feral and whether they’ve tested positive or not they will live their lives to the fullest extent with us. That’s what sanctuary means to us.

Dogs and puppies. Whoa! The numbers of dogs and puppies needing help is staggering. We have just exhausted our resources for their care. Between the sanctuary and foster care we are responsible for 150 dogs. The up side is they are safe, cared for, and we are planning a transport to Every Creature Counts the first week of May.
Dr. Bushby and his team came the 27th and blessed 30 of our dogs with spays and neuters. In April the mobile clinic will be down for servicing. ECC said they would bring a second vet in when we arrive for anyone who missed out on surgery during April. I love them. [singlepic id=43 w=320 h=240 float=right]

We’ve been busy with cruelty reports and we have an April 12th hearing for Emerald and her pups. Their guardian seems to have missed his entire role as their provider. We are confident he’ll be found negligent and Emerald, Adela, Barnabas, Bess, Gideon, and Zeke will be free to live their lives with guardians worthy of them.

For now I’ll say “until then” as I have the responsibilities a guardian never neglects.

Thank you all for caring about the animals we all love and for each and everything you do as a guardian to the fellow beings of our world.

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