Man Beats, Kills and Eats Employer’s Corgi

Man Beats, Kills and Eats Employer’s Corgi


A horrifying story out of China last week highlights the brutal end of so many dogs and the heartbreak their families endure when learning their beloved companions have been beaten to death and eaten.

Wang, a factory owner in Jiangsu province, bought a Corgi puppy for his daughter last year. Wang brought the dog with him to his factory and became concerned when the dog went missing. He posted signs and offered an 8,000 yuan ($1,223) reward for any information.

A phone call from a factory worker broke the heartbreaking news: Zhang, one of Wang’s employees, was seen beating the dog the night he went missing. A visit to Zhang’s quarters confirmed the grisly truth – a floor and knife covered in dog fur.

Zhang apparently beat the dog to death and then, with help from his two roomates, skinned, cooked and ate the dog.

“I thought it was a wild dog, I did not know it was so precious,” Zhang stated.

This is as appalling as it is common. Such stories are prevalent throughout China and South East Asia, where eating dogs is similar to eating pigs, cows and chickens here. We hope Wang, and all those within China, and elsewhere, who welcome dogs as companions, will join with us in our fight to end the dog meat trade, and move all animals from the plates of humans.

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