Meet Dr. Kroplick!

Meet Dr. Kroplick!

IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog by guest blogger Denise Papas, a freelance television producer/writer who specializes in biographies. Papas is mkroplickMD_IDA_blogfeaturing members of our Council of Sustainable Activism to introduce them to our supporters.

Marilyn Kroplick MD, President of In Defense of Animals (IDA), is a lifelong activist who uses her experience and expertise in the fight to end the exploitation, cruelty, and abuse of animals. As president, she oversees the entire organization and helps expand its numerous campaigns. Dr. Kroplick is a trained child, adolescent, and board-certified adult psychiatrist known for her advocacy of sustainable activism.

Dr. Kroplick’s previous work as a medical doctor and a professional photographer has taken her to exotic locations around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Cuba, and South America. She photographed some of the great American social movements of the 1960’s– civil rights marches, anti-war campaigns, and women’s rights demonstrations.

In 2002, Kroplick’s awareness of and passion for animal rights evolved when she purchased a sick puppy from a pet store. She sought help from IDA with legal representation in the matter and soon discovered a local underground puppy mill that she worked to stop. She soon became completely absorbed in the organization, taking over as president in 2011.

Dr. Kroplick’s theories have been published in numerous activist newspapers, books, and in a weekly column of the Village Voice. In 1972, The National Endowment for the Arts awarded her a grant in photography. She continues to focus on the mission, branding, and vision of IDA- striving to grow awareness and make even greater contributions.

Denise Papas is a freelance television producer/writer who writes, produces, and directs for television and digital format and also moderate and script doctor screenplays and stories for the New York City Screenwriters Collective. From conception to delivery, she creates media that entertains, informs, and transports the viewer into the mind view of her clients. She believes there is no greater cause than the protection of animals.

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