Member Video-- Meet Doll!

Member Video-- Meet Doll!

In rural Mississippi, there was very little help—or hope– for animals in crisis.

That’s why Hope Animal Sanctuary was started by Doll Stanley, under the direction of In Defense of Animals. In the nineteen years since she arrived there, Doll has worked countless miracles – tirelessly rescuing abused and neglected animals while courageously investigating, exposing and ending animal suffering and abuse of unbelievable proportions. Her targets: animal auctions, puppy mills, animal dealers and thieves. Doll and IDA’s HAS have brought hope where none had existed to abandoned, neglected and abused animals of many species all over the Deep South.

Now, in this video, IDA members Melinda Darlington-Bach & Cynthia Pepper of Xanadu Entertainment have given us a special glimpse into Doll’s work and into the heart of Doll herself…