The Long Road from Hope to Home

The Long Road from Hope to Home

I can still picture that day.

Jeff (one of our past awesome team members) and I were out on a horse- cruelty case. While looking for the horse, we rounded a mobile home and spotted two puppies instead. [singlepic id=10 w=320 h=240 float=right]

One was truly thin, and the other was not only emaciated, but he looked like a blackened carcass. He was limping, as his right front carpal (wrist joint) had been crushed and punctured, likely by one of the large dogs on the property. He’d suffered mange so long he barely had fuzz down his back and on the crest of his head, and the wounded joint oozed green pus.

Of course, we came home with the pups– and followed up a little later on the horse.

We hadn’t yet named the little fellas when we arrived at our vet’s and the staff immediately threw out their ideas –“Midnight”!!! –“Moonshine” !!!– and our little men had their names.

Midnight, the little black dog, had a tough road to recovery, but the sweet little fella endured. He showered us with affection, and in return, care and love were lavished on him.

Moonshine was placed pretty easily, but as we in rescue know, finding a home for a black dog like Midnight is tougher. Add to it that he wasn’t a trendy pocket toy, and that he was left with a weakened leg with the potential for hefty vet bills as he aged.

[singlepic id=11 w=320 h=240 float=left] So Midnight was nearly three years old when he was finally adopted. Knowing him for so long, we certainly would miss him, but the home he was lovingly welcomed into was an absolute dream fulfilled.

At the Hope Sanctuary, Midnight had loved to play with Jedediah, our completely shy and oafish Akita mix. He’d now have three big buddies, including Dudley(pictured napping on the sofa with Midnight), a really nice waterfront home, and an indulgent pushover for a guardian. What else could he, or we want for?

My twinge of sadness is not seeing little Midnight like I used to when I turned around at the sound of his approach.

But my great joy is hearing from his precious guardian and benefactor to our sanctuary, and seeing how happy he is there.

As they say, we may not still have him, but he will always have us. -Doll

Ever since she arrived in Mississippi, Doll Stanley has worked miracles through IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary – tirelessly rescuing abused and neglected animals while courageously investigating, exposing and ending animal suffering and abuse of unbelievable proportions. Her targets: animal auctions, puppy mills, animal dealers and thieves. Doll and IDA have brought hope where none existed.