Miracle in India

Miracle in India

Here is another great rescue story from IDA-India. It’s a story first of horror and despair, then of miraculous joy and recovery.

In Defense of AnimalsLate one recent evening, IDA-India’s Turbhe Rescue Center in Mumbai, received a distressing call about a female dog who was found semi-conscious and unable to move. Rescuers picked her up and brought her to our Rescue Center. She was immediately given emergency treatment to stabilize her. The next morning, IDA-India’s vet, Dr. Jadhav, got to work on her. She had a wound full of maggots under her tail – the whole area was putrid, she was starved from not being able to eat, and in great pain, but she was friendly and obviously an abandoned companion animal from a terrible guardian.

Dr. Jadhav knew he could save her and refused to consider euthanization. He worked for more than three hours to clean and treat her wound. For the next two weeks of her recovery, she was tended to around the clock. After a few weeks, she began eating on her own and sitting up. Dr. Jadhav said he was expecting her to get better as she was responding well to treatment, but sitting up on her own so soon was a miracle and he could not believe his eyes!

She now goes for walks with staff and her recovery is nearly complete. Miracle, as she’s now named, still needs to put on weight and gain more strength, but soon she should be ready to go to a forever home. In fact, IDA-India’s president, Ms. Shah, has decided to adopt her. Miracle will live out the rest of her life well-loved and cared for life on a peaceful farm.

This wonderful story is thanks to the determination, hard work, hope, and never-say-die attitude of IDA-India’s vets and staff, IDA-India’s supporters, and of course of brave Miracle herself.