Must-see Film: The Elephant In The Living Room

Must-see Film: The Elephant In The Living Room

Seems like IDA has mostly been urging people to avoid movies this year because of the use of elephants and other wild animals who are cruelly trained and confined. But here’s an award-winning film about wild animals that we highly recommend: The Elephant In The Living Room. (Note: There are no elephants in the film but don’t let that stop you from seeing it!)

The Elephant In The Living Room is a documentary feature-length movie, produced by Michael Webber and featuring our new hero for the animals Tim Harrison, that examines the subculture of exotic animal owners and dealers in the U.S. The film takes a balanced approach to the issue, showing compassion for the animals and for a misguided human whose dysfunctional love for two lions is sure to end badly. Its main focus is Harrison’s efforts to help the lions and their owner by convincing him to let them go to a sanctuary. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns, and I’ll warn you that there is one heartbreaking scene. But this film is so important that everyone should see it.

The ownership of exotics is unfortunately alive and well in the U.S., as we know all too well at IDA. We are fighting right now to stop an elephant from being brought to a proposed pseudo-sanctuary in Maine. Despite altruistic claims, it’s just one more story about someone wanting to possess a wild animal, no matter how detrimental it is for that animal’s welfare. Like many parts of the U.S., there is no law in Maine banning the ownership of exotic animals.

The Elephant In The Room is by far is one of the most compelling and enlightening films ever made about the issue, and it’s one you should not miss. It’s not in major theaters, but you can own it on DVD (a bargain for $19.99) or Blu-Ray by visiting the film’s website and ordering a copy (it says “pre-order” because the actual release is next week). And be sure to “like” the film by visiting its Facebook page.

Disclaimer: IDA has had no involvement in the making or distribution of The Elephant In The Living Room. We just think it’s such a significant film that we’re helping to spread the word about it. Buy a copy and share it with friends or arrange a special in-home screening to educate people about this important issue.

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