4th Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

4th Self Care Tip From One of Our Staff

Enjoy our special self-care tip series for Activist Appreciation Month! Watch for them throughout February. 

Dealing with cruelty on a regular basis can be quite unbearable at times, but working with animals at our centers for the last two decades has helped immensely.  Every visit reminds me that we have been instrumental in so very many rescues, adoptions and rehabilitations. The center itself is full of people who love animals, from our staff to visitors who love to spend time here. The atmosphere itself is so healing and pleasant. I take good care of my health and wellbeing by practicing yoga and going almost vegan. These self-care tools help me to remain fit, strong and ready for tomorrow!


Ms. Vivienne Choudhury

President and Trustee

IDA India


How do you deal with animal cruelty? If you need a few more self-care tools, contact us for activist support via phone, text, or email at 1(800) 705-0425,