Animal Advocate in the Spotlight for the Month of February!

Animal Advocate in the Spotlight for the Month of February!

Animal Advocate in the Spotlight!

Here at In Defense of Animals, we are excited to announce our long time supporter, Maureen Toth, as our Animal Advocate in the Spotlight for the month of February. Maureen majored in psychology and continued her education at a theater school in Manhattan, New York.. After finishing up her education, she moved to California. San Francisco was her first residence in the state, and from there she went to live in Mill Valley, at which point she began to support In Defense of Animals.

Maureen currently lives in Los Angeles with her three rescue cats, where she owns her own talent agency, and volunteers at adoption events for Los Angeles city shelters. It was at one of those events that she adopted her cat Jack! In addition to running her own business and advocating for animal rights, Maureen enjoys writing music and playing the guitar.

Maureen shares Jacks rescue story and that of his sibling, Jules:

“I have three rescue animals at home, but my oldest is Jack. We call him Kitty Jack or Duck or Duck Duck Goose or just Goose. You know how it is! I rescued him while volunteering for a LA’s City Shelters adoption event. He was very small and needed to be bottle fed. I had done that before so it was easy enough, and he has been the GREATEST cat ever. I have had him for close to 15 years and he was just recently diagnosed with a serious heart disease. We are managing with a great heart specialist team led by Dr. Cole at Access Clinic in Woodland Hills and he is doing decently with the treatment. He is my and my husband’s little buddy and we adore him!! We have another cat named Jules and they are totally two peas in a pod. They sleep together and groom each other and they look like the Yin and Yang symbol when they are curled up! They were not from the same litter so it’s really cool that they get along SO well.”

We are honored to have Maureen on our team of Animal Advocates; her compassion is so inspiring and makes the work we do possible. Thank you Maureen!

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