Take Action For Animal Rights Awareness Week

Take Action For Animal Rights Awareness Week

Original article posted June 12, 2020

Animal Rights Awareness Week was created by In Defense of Animals in 1991 to honor and remember the animals who have been ruthlessly exploited and killed by humans around the world, and to create an opportunity to direct the public’s attention to the needs and wants of animals, with the idea that animals’ rights must be acknowledged and pushed to the forefront of our global consciousness.

Here are six easy ways you can support animal rights, while also empowering other activists during Animal Rights Awareness Week, which is being observed this June 19 - June 25.

Buy Cruelty-Free

Animal testing, also known as vivisection (live cutting), causes excruciating pain and often results in death. Because the Animal Welfare Act doesn’t require labs in the U.S. to report all animals used, we may never know exactly how many have needlessly suffered and died behind closed doors, however deaths are estimated to be over 115 million annually. Laboratory animals are blinded, burned, or forced to ingest or inhale harmful substances, along with many other painful procedures. For Animal Rights Awareness Week, pledge to go cruelty-free!

Look up your favorite brands before you buy. Unfortunately, even products that are labeled “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” may have been tested by other companies, or at certain stages of development before hitting store shelves, making it really frustrating for people who want to shop compassionately. However, products featuring the Leaping Bunny logo have not been tested on animals at any stage of development.

Don’t forget to check make-up, soaps, cleaning products, and sunscreen. These are some of the most common products tested on animals. Approximately 100,000-200,000 animals suffer in the global cosmetic industry annually. Once it is reintroduced, support the Humane Cosmetics Act, which will make it illegal to conduct or commission animal testing for finished products and ingredients, in addition to banning the import of products that have been tested on animals elsewhere in the world.

Spread the Word About Animal Rights!

Social media can be a powerful tool to implement change. The influence of every individual is now greater than ever!

Stand up against animal cruelty by posting about why you support the animal rights movement. You might already avidly support animal rights, but not everyone is aware of all the ways we’re causing harm, or the ways we can help. Sharing on social media can help raise awareness about the movement, and about specific animals and species who need our support.

If you don’t know exactly what to say, you can still help by sharing this post, or others by your favorite animal rights activists and organizations. Not sure where to start? Check out campaigns on our website, and our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see and share our current efforts to help animals!

Become an Animal Rights Defender by Taking Action

Head over to ours Take Action page to see how you can help animals in need right now. From signing petitions and alerts to making phone calls and posting on social media, all of these actions will make a difference for animals!

Consider organizing a demonstration or event for animals in your local area for an issue that affects your community, such as Respect 4 Fish Day, Puppy Mill Awareness Day, or hand out vegan food samples and Vegan Starter Guides.

You can also run a race, host a dinner party or games tournament, offer to screen an animal rights film, or get creative with these ideas to raise vital funds for In Defense of Animals’ advocacy and hands-on rescue efforts.

Research Who You’re Donating To

Many people are unaware of how many medical charities fund animal testing. We all want to find cures for human diseases, but using animals as test subjects isn’t just cruel, wasteful and unethical, it’s ineffective. These experiments rely on human health conditions being artificially induced in animals. Scientific reviews reflect that experiments on animals correlate poorly to human patients. Data shows that studies on animals fail to predict human outcomes in 50 to 99.7% of cases.

Alternatives to animal testing, such as cell-based studies, are faster and provide more relevant results. Before donating your money to any medical charity, research how it uses the money it raises. While it might take a few extra minutes, there are many charities and nonprofits that support humane research to save animals from suffering.

Ditch Fur

Even small amounts of animal fur on our clothing are the result of tremendous pain and suffering. Victims of the fur trade are either farmed or trapped in the wild, and all experience painful deaths for the sake of fashion. Each year, over 100 million animals are killed on fur farms worldwide. For Animal Rights Awareness Week, please pledge to go #furfree to prevent the senseless suffering of animals. Visit to ban fur today!

Go Vegan

Going vegan is unarguably one of the best actions you can take to show compassion and respect toward animals and further the animal rights movement.

Being vegan means you don’t consume, wear, or use anything that came from an animal. By doing this, we can reduce the demand for animal products, which will result in fewer animals suffering and dying in slaughterhouses, on farms, and in the wild.

Download our free Vegan Starter Guide for recipes, shopping guides, nutrition facts, meal inspiration, and more!

Already vegan or feeling confident in your cooking skills? Plan a cruelty-free picnic or cookout to share the love with your friends and family! 

Looking for more ways to help?  Please consider making a donation to support our life-saving work!