USA: Fall Estate & Financial Planning Workshops Are Back for You & Your Animals!

USA: Fall Estate & Financial Planning Workshops Are Back for You & Your Animals!

We are excited to share our upcoming “It’s Your Money” and “It’s Your Estate” online video workshops starting Thursday, September 29, 2022, and continuing through October, which you can attend from the comfort of your home. At these seminars you will learn how having a financial plan protects you and the important people and other animals in your life. 

You will learn

  • the meaning of the best interest fiduciary standard
  • the characteristics that make an ethical financial planner
  • how the financial industry makes money from investors in selling financial products
  • and, importantly, how to minimize those commissions and expenses. 

You will also learn how Social Security benefits may get the highest inflation increase in decades and how that could push you into a higher tax bracket and affect the cost of your Medicare or how I-bonds are still paying 9.62%.

Additionally, you will discover important information regarding your Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, and Living Trust, and why these documents are even more important while you are alive. 

Click here to register for It’s Your Money.

Click here to register for It’s Your Estate.


Watch the Testimonial Video.  It's Your Money & It's Your Estate

Whether you have attended our workshops in the past, or if you are ready to get started today, consider making your free estate plan courtesy of our partner FreeWill.

FreeWill has been featured in Forbes and Oprah’s 31 Best Ways to Make a Difference. It makes estate planning free and accessible for all.


Our work to defend animal companions, and all wild animals — from the smallest of insects to the largest of mammals such as elephants and whales, as well as the wild places they call home — is the result of sustained advocacy and planning by amazing supporters like you. 

Now, you can provide sustained support to your loved ones through the important act of estate and financial planning. Please contact Nicole Otoupalik at 480-474-4783 or with any questions regarding the workshops, and/or information on FreeWill.

Let’s plan for a secure future together.