Media Release: Fugitive Apprehended in Cat Scalding Case

Media Release: Fugitive Apprehended in Cat Scalding Case


$2,500 Reward Leads to Suspect's Capture

Contact: Doll Stanley,, (662) 809-4483

Moss Point, MS (January 13, 2017) – In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization that runs the Winona, Mississippi-based Justice for Animals Campaign, announced a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Laderrick Oneal Rostchild, a felon eluding the Moss Point, Mississippi Police Department since he learned he was to be arrested for “aggravated cruelty” to a cat.

News of the reward solicited information leading to the location of suspect Laderrick Oneal Rostchild.

Exactly a month since the sadistic torture of a trapped cat surfaced on Snapchat suspect, Laderrick Rostchild was given up for In Defense of Animals’ reward offer.

“This evening I received a call from Commander Stacey Deans, of the Moss Point Police Department, notifying me that his department had been tipped as to Laderrick Rostchild’s hideout and the fugitive was in custody”, stated In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley.

On or about Tuesday December 13, 2016, Laderrick Oneal Rostchild and his uncle Larry Rostchild Jr. were identified from a Snapchat video Laderrick’s girlfriend Karmen Coleman recorded and shared of the two men scalding a live cat confined in a “humane” trap. The duo doused the unnamed black and white male cat with two pots of boiling water and kicked the trap, laughing as they mocked the cat’s suffering. Coleman released the cat who was seen alive, but was later recovered lying dead in the fetal position. It was later confirmed that the cat died of thermal burns. The incident took place in the carport of 6237 Henry Street, Moss Point, Mississippi.

Larry Rostchild Jr. was arrested for “aggravated cruelty to a cat”, a first offense misdemeanor in the State of Mississippi, a crime that carries up to a $2,500 fine and, or six months in jail. Karmen Coleman was arrested for rendering criminal assistance during the crime, a charge that carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and, or a year in jail. The pair will be arraigned on February 14, 2017 in the Moss Point, Municipal Court - an ironic timing for such a heartless crime. Laderrick will likely be joining them the 14th.

“Laderrick Oneal Rostchild’s criminal history of fraud, theft, domestic violence, resisting arrest, and contempt of court was alarming to me,” stated long-time animal activist Stanley. “Sadists rarely indulge only in violence to animals. Sociopaths and psychopaths are a menace to any vulnerable being in their path.”

Currently the heinous crime of scalding this defenseless cat is a mere misdemeanor, but that could soon change. Since egregious acts of violence to animals are now being reported almost on a daily basis, Mississippi Senator Angela Hill had reintroduced her amendment to MSSS 97-41-16, the 2011 “Dog & Cat” law that, if passed, would make a first offense crime of aggravated cruelty to a dog or a cat a felony. In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign is aligning with coalitions, organizations, officials, and citizens across the state to help pass this important bill.

Farm Bureau claims it stands against the passage of stronger protective laws for domestic animals because it would be a “slippery slope” to infringement on farming and ranching.  The fact is farmed animals are already protected under MSSS 97-41-15.  It is a felony to maliciously or wantonly harm “livestock”.

Citizens of Mississippi should have equal protection under the law for the species they chose to work or live with.

For confirmation of Laderrick Oneal Rostchild’s apprehension contact Commander Stacey Dean of the Moss Point Police Department at (228) 475-1711.

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