Mark Your Calendar — November 30th is Giving Tuesday!

Mark Your Calendar — November 30th is Giving Tuesday!

Located in rural Grenada, Mississippi, our Hope Animal Sanctuary provides a unique refuge for animal victims of abuse and neglect. We have given thousands of animals a second chance. This Giving Tuesday, a day of generosity devoted to supporting the non-profits we love, we must meet our goal of raising $30,000 to give hope to animals in need.

And we do need your support!

For 28 years, Hope Animal Sanctuary has been on the front lines. We fight to rescue and rehome animals who are at risk, and bend the hearts and minds of a community towards compassion.

In 2021 alone, here are just a few of the ways you have helped our team be there in the hour of need:

  • Fought valiantly to save the life of baby Farley, a pup who came to us when he was only 3 days old and weighed just 2 ounces
  • Saved dozens of heartlessly abandoned cats and kittens
  • Found a very special forever home for a blind puppy

It isn’t easy work, and we can’t do it alone!



Which is why we need your help. Your support makes it possible for us to do so much good!

Giving Tuesday is one of the most crucial days in our entire year. Funds donated on this day largely determine how much help we can provide, and how boldly we can act.

Out of love for the animals, please consider making a recurring monthly gift of just $5. You’ll become part of our honored Animal Advocates, a unique community of dedicated, generous donors who are integral to our success. Your gift will scale up our impact for animals for years to come!

We hope you’ll stand with us, and support our Hope Animal Sanctuary by making a generous Giving Tuesday donation today!