In Defense of Animals 2017 Supporter Cards Are Here!

In Defense of Animals 2017 Supporter Cards Are Here!

In Defense of Animals 2017 Supporter Cards Are Here!

We hope that you’ll carry yours with pride ... and our thanks.

Your courage, your grit, your compassion, and your generosity keep In Defense of Animals in the ring and swinging, year after year. With the election and all of its controversy, times are uncertain for animals. So, especially this year, what you do next to show your commitment to forgotten and abused animals matters most. Even if you’ve given to an individual campaign, or even recently, this is our one chance to get the year off to the strongest start possible.

Our one chance to build baseline funding for all our work:

... At Hope Animal Sanctuary, where hundreds of once-sad animal friends heal broken bodies and broken hearts, this year you'll fund a badly-needed overhaul to the sanctuary itself, too;

... In our American west, where iconic wild horses are being abducted then slaughtered cross-border, you will push to close legal loopholes and pass the SAFE Act that will protect them;

... In Asia's bloody dog and cat meat trade, you’ll help open a once-in-decades window at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, to close markets and slaughterhouses for the games and beyond;

... Around the world in bad zoos and circuses and elephant exhibits, you’ll make sure IDA’s watershed annual report, the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants, remains a voice for change;

Your annual donation for 2017 – by January 31st – is the #1 vital and vigilant presence for us that stops animal suffering, keeps our staff in the field, and keeps the change we're working to accomplish front and center.

Without you, the annual fund is like a rescue vehicle with no gas to drive it ... or a sanctuary with no electricity for lights and no roof to keep our animal friends warm and dry.

Please renew your annual membership to IDA for 2017 with as generous a donation as you can, now. To hit the ground running, we don’t have much time.

If you would like to receive your new Supporter Card, click this link to renew your annual membership donation for 2017. When you get to the online form where you complete your payment details, you'll see a box you can check that lets you request a replacement card. We'll send it out the moment we process your kind renewal gift.