Animal Wins for Fall 2021

Animal Wins for Fall 2021

The new year is a time of hope and you have so much to be hopeful for! Because of your actions for animals, and your membership to In Defense of Animals, together we achieved some truly historic results over this fall. See how your hard work paid off!


Man Jailed for Illegally Trapping & Shooting Coyote 13 Times

In California, a “wildlife removal specialist” was caught illegally trapping a coyote in a savage leghold trap and shooting the terrified animal over 13 times. Following passionate calls for justice from over 11,000 In Defense of Animals supporters, this animal abuser will be serving time in jail for his horrific acts of animal cruelty.



Critical Protections for Migratory Birds Reinstated!

You spoke… the government acted! In March, we raised the alarm about critical protections for migratory birds that were stripped from the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in the final days of the previous administration. Over 4,250 In Defense of Animals supporters joined our call, and thanks in part to your actions,  these vital bird protections have now been restored.



Deadly Partnership Between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Rifle Association Overturned

Last January, the National Rifle Association and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a killer deal that would have hurt wild animals and damage conservation efforts across the country. Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters like you spoke up and signed our alert to stop the agreement. We’re thrilled to tell you this cruel plan has been scrapped! 



Cougars, Coyotes & More Wild Animals Saved from Roadkill Deaths in California

Three major road-crossing projects came to pass this fall to save wild animals from deadly traffic! First, In Defense of Animals members helped raise funds for the world’s biggest wildlife crossing… and then raised the roof for farmed animals so they can safely coexist with predators thanks to a new barn. Finally, you have been backing the Wildlife Connectivity Actions bill which California Governor Gavin Newsom has now signed into law! It will protect animals from fatal collisions with vehicles by incentivizing wildlife crossing projects. 

Thank you for your signatures, your membership, and your donations to support these three vital initiatives to save countless wild animal lives across the state!



Rescue Accused of Cruelty and Neglect Shut Down in Mississippi

Rescues are vital to saving the lives of homeless animals, but sadly there are some out there that are not what they seem. We attended court on behalf of two whistleblowers who told of serious abuse and neglect at a supposed rescue in Mississippi. Fortunately, the court ordered the rescue disbanded, and required the current animals to be surrendered to a regional shelter.



Conviction Upheld in Horrifying Dogfighting Case

The Supreme Court of Mississippi just ruled to uphold the conviction in a heartbreaking dogfighting case involving more than 50 dogs. In response to the case, the late Sen. Bob Dearing introduced legislation to increase penalties for dogfighting. It also made it a felony to manufacture, possess, buy and sell paraphernalia used in dogfighting. We championed this bill and with your support helped it pass to protect dogs from this evil entertainment.



We share a common goal: to defend animals. 

Animals can do so many amazing things, but they cannot help themselves against human violence.

Because of your incredible support, we are able to devote our lives to fighting to keep animals safe, wild, and free. By working together, we are making the impossible possible!

It is only with your compassion and generosity that we are able to speak up and act on your behalf in defense of animals. Please consider continuing your support by becoming a member to aid us in our efforts to protect all animals, wild and captive.

Thank you so much for making these wonderful victories possible, and for making the world that much safer for animals.