Johnny's Day of Rescue

Johnny's Day of Rescue

Hi, my name is Johnny because I was named after one of In Defense of Animals' favorite deputies. One night, a woman saw me in the middle of a muddy Mississippi road with rain pouring down on me. I was too cold and too scared to move. As she picked me up, she said she was so thankful that she had seen me, and that I hadn’t been hurt. She called the Sheriff’s Department and a person there called In Defense of Animals. It was arranged that someone would come for me the very next day.

I am having the very best time. I have lots of bigger dogs to play with, so when one gets tired of me, there’s always another one ready to play with me. I’m getting big and strong, and I’ve had all of my vaccinations. I’m scheduled for transport to a home in the east. I really like where I am, but my foster mom says I will get a family of my very own, and that she has to make room for other little puppies like me who will need her help. I guess I understand. What I do really understand is that my life went from hopeless and really scary to wonderful and happy in an instant.

Please donate to In Defense of Animals so that the good people there can help more animals just like me.

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