Our Staff Collaborate to Rescue Rabbit on the Spring Equinox

Our Staff Collaborate to Rescue Rabbit on the Spring Equinox

During a walking telephone meeting in the field behind our office headquarters, our very own Fleur Dawes spotted a black domestic rabbit who had clearly been dumped by an unfeeling human. This is not the first time a member of our staff has had to step in on behalf of a traumatized dumped rabbit, and, sadly, it may not be the last.

The next day, staffer Victoria Norton teamed up with her to attempt a rescue. Armed with poster board, a cat carrier, and fresh apple, they cruised a hundred feet of fence bordering the parking area.

Suddenly, through a shock of dense, prickly juniper and trees, a mound of black fur took shape, and an eye blinked. After they failed to surround him with walls of poster board, he gladly accepted an offer of sliced apple before darting away again into a deep bush even farther from reach. Fleur grabbed her phone to call for taller reinforcements in the form of staffer Bob Price. He sprang into action, happy to help, and arrived within moments to gently reach around the shrubbery, scoop up the bunny, and slide him into the cat carrier.

By the time they got back to the office, staffer Melissa Flower’s friend and rabbit guardian, Sidney, had volunteered to foster. The rabbit’s name is now Barney and he has settled into his new quarters with a comfy bed, hay box, and hidey home.

On the first night, Sidney’s cat, Buster, jumped into Barney’s enclosure and curled up with Barney to keep him company. Barney is scheduled for his neutering and is healthy and so happy to be in a safe and loving home.

Please understand that domestic rabbits don't survive when dumped into a field. They are domesticated and have no defenses against predators. It is a terrifying experience for them and should not be viewed as a solution to having a suddenly unwanted animal.

Taking on an animal means committing to their daily care for life. Please let your friends and family know before they take on an animal to carefully consider this lifelong commitment, and always adopt, never shop!

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