Save a Life. Feel the Joy on Giving Tuesday

Save a Life. Feel the Joy on Giving Tuesday

Support In Defense of Animals for GivingTuesday, and help animals everywhere to have a better life!

At Hope Animal Sanctuary, we rescue animals from the most desperate conditions. We free them from immediate harm, give them veterinary care, nutritious food and fresh water, all the love their hearts can hold, and a chance at a forever family.

This GivingTuesday, we’re asking you to help us achieve our goal of raising $30,000 for our own Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada Mississippi.

Hope Animal Sanctuary facilitates the adoption of hundreds of animals each year, while the sanctuary itself remains home to more than 150 animals all year round. All our permanent residents are survivors of near-death due to starvation, beatings, and/or other horrors beyond comprehension. Permanent residents at the Sanctuary have been so traumatized that finding homes for them is a near impossibility. We provide permanent sanctuary to them along with the peace and compassion they rightfully deserve.

The idea behind GivingTuesday is simple. Create one day a year that will inspire people to give, to collaborate, and to celebrate generosity to the causes they care about!

For animals too traumatized by their pasts, your generosity means a home for life here - a home you can help us to provide.

$30,000 will fund emergency medical care for injured and sick rescued animals in dire need of help.

It will also fund desperately needed low-cost/free community spay and neuter services.

Thank you for your generous support to reach our goal this GivingTuesday!

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