Victory for Norway’s Wolves!

Victory for Norway’s Wolves!

Last Tuesday, the Norwegian Minister for the Environment, Vidar Helgesen, decided not to grant a proposed license to kill four wolf families in the county of Hedmark, which is north of the city of Oslo. We thank all of you who collectively submitted over 7000 letters by signing our alert on the subject as well as the actions of individuals and groups in Norway. The Minister said the legal department in his ministry has concluded that neither Norwegian environmental law, nor the so-called Bern Convention would allow the killing of such a large number of wolves, unless they prey on domestic animals. The 300 hunters who were granted licenses to kill right after Christmas will have to find other things to do with their time.

This means that the Government has accepted the official protest to the department by the Norwegian Nature Conservation Society (NNCS). The NNCS had protested against the proposed license, which would have allowed the killing of 32 wolves.

The NNCS and other environmental groups, including the Green Party are rejoicing over the decision, while the animal raising and killing sheep farmers in the region are shocked with disbelief.

The protests against the proposed license had been strong. More than 70,000 Norwegians had signed a petition to the Ministry, and more than 7,000 In Defense of Animals supporters had sent individual e-mails. A massive demonstration was also held in Oslo. Never doubt that your voices and actions combined can make the difference between life and death for animals who have no other hope but you!

Sadly, there are 15 wolves who were not pardoned, as they are young lone wolves, who travel further than the packs and who are alleged to be more likely to kill livestock. We did not want any killed and advocated saving them all, but it was almost assumed to be a locked in decision that all 47 wolves would be killed, so this is still a massive victory.

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