We are Transforming!

We are Transforming!

To serve you and the animals even better, we are making a change to our system that will make your actions for animals even more effective. Starting September 1st, In Defense of Animals action alerts will be powered up with a host of new options to enhance your impact! If you support In Defense of Animals with a regular donation, your gift will go even further...

The switch to our new and improved platform requires some maintenance downtime, and some of our older animal action alerts will become inactive between now and the beginning of September.

If you regularly support In Defense of Animals via our Animal Advocates program or are a member of the Guardian Circle, thank you! Our cost-effective new system will ensure that every dollar your donation goes to work where the animals need it most. Your regular gift may appear differently on your account statements, and we may reach out to you personally during this time to ensure a smooth transition. 

We are very grateful for your continued support and understanding through this exciting transformation! 

If you have any questions about the changes we’re making, please contact us at Throughout our transition, you can continue to donate to support our lifesaving work at