Put your City on the Guardian Map

Put your City on the Guardian Map

Yesterday we asked our Newsletter subscribers to consider making their city a better place and a few bold people expressed an interest. How about you?

We are looking for a few civic-minded super-activists who are excited about our Guardian Campaign and who want to help us turn more cities into Guardian Cities. Guardian Cities are cities that decide to throw away the outdated term of animal “owner” and replace it with the more fitting concept of animal “guardian”. Often this is the first step to creating a more humane and just city for all animals concerned.

The best example of this is Parma, Ohio, where recently Brandon Yanak tirelessly advocated for companion animals through his Neighborhood Friend of the Week program, then made Parma a Guardian City. Now, Parma has rejected a deer killing population-control proposal. The Parma Area Dog Park Association was founded to help establish the city’s first dog park. And a new group called Animal Guardians for a Prosperous Parma has formed to continue to work and advocate for positive animal-friendly legislation. Wouldn’t it be great if more cities were like Parma, Ohio?

What we need from you is a commitment to make and follow-through with several meetings with your city council members, and then your attendance and willingness to give a short speech at two or more city council meetings. This is not for everyone, but if you are driven, articulate, and like public speaking, and you love the Guardian Campaign, please contact Anita .

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