San Francisco makes history! Could your city be the next to GO VEG?

San Francisco makes history! Could your city be the next to GO VEG?

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors signed a resolution encouraging city residents to eat vegetarian on Mondays. IDA would like to thank the San Francisco board for taking this leadership role in promoting a more environmental, healthy and compassionate diet. The VegDay Resolution, introduced by In Defense of Animals and the San Francisco Vegetarian Society enjoyed unanimous support on April 6, 2010. Close to 20 people spoke in support of the resolution at the board meeting with no opposition. The resolution encourages residents of San Francisco to adopt a plant-based diet and persuades restaurants, schools and other institutions to offer veggie options on Mondays. We commend the city council for their forward thinking in support of a green diet to help enhance the health of San Francisco residents and improve the environmental impact of the city while decreasing the suffering of animals. Numerous San Francisco restaurants will be participating in the day, offering discounts and specials for a meat free Monday. We will soon be approaching San Francisco schools to ask for their participation in their cafeterias.

IDA did some research and if everyone in San Francisco ate a plant-based diet just one day a week for a year as the resolution suggests, we would save over 378,600,768 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions. That is the equivalent of taking 123,822 cars off the streets of San Francisco!

Again, we would like to thank the board for the compassion and caring they have shown for farm animals, for their constituents health and for the Earth.

Your city could be next! If you would like to introduce a VegDay Resolution in your city, please click here or contact Hope

Be sure and also check out – IDA’s Hope Bohanec, who authored the resolution, was on the O’Rielly Factor to speak about the campaign. You can check it out here. Please leave a positive comment about compassionate and healthy diets on the show’s website.