Celebrate Hope Animal Sanctuary’s Grand Re-Opening!

Celebrate Hope Animal Sanctuary’s Grand Re-Opening!

A little over a year ago, In Defense of Animals launched one of the most ambitious efforts in our organization’s history as we began the risky and uncertain task of securing the funding necessary to implement the much needed repairs and renovations to our beloved Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi.

The support for this effort has been nothing short of amazing and very soon we will be ready to unveil our new state-of-the-art, life-saving, Rescue & Rehabilitation Center to the entire world.

We are so close….

That is why we are asking you, once more, to consider supporting this vital life-saving project. With your help today we will raise the final funding necessary to carry us over the finish line and ensure the continued operation of Hope Animal Sanctuary for years to come.

After almost a year of construction work and several weeks of delays due to rain and snow, our ”Tiny Houses” are almost complete! Porches and patios for long naps in the sun have been framed and roofed. Each of our 20 new Tiny Houses will afford our rescues a spacious home-like setting, with soft beds, nutritious food, and plenty of love and kindness while they await their new forever homes. Our Tiny Houses really are something special, and you made it happen!

Last year, Hope Animal Sanctuary rescued, rehabilitated, fostered, and adopted into their new loving forever homes nearly 700 dogs and cats. Next month, when our new facility opens its doors again to the world, we hope to rescue and adopt so very many more! Our goal is to find homes for 100% of the animals that we take in, and with your help we have, and will, continue to keep that promise!

Operating expenses for a rescue andrehabilitation effort of this size can be costly. Monthly expenses alone run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s each and every month! Your gift now will ensure that the sanctuary will not only re-open next month, but that it will stay open for many months and years to come.Hope Animal Sanctuary will be a model for other rescue centers nationwide, but we can’t go the final mile without you. Please, will you help us today?

Construction is almost complete, and the excitement is building as we place the finishing touches around the facility. Imagine the lives saved, and the love and kindness shared by animals and their new guardians. From suffering abuse and neglect that would break your heart, to jumping for joy into the arms of a new loving families, you have made it all possible, and we can’t thank you enough!


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