Sick Puppy Abandoned to Die on the Road

Sick Puppy Abandoned to Die on the Road

Can you imagine feeling so ill you that can hardly stand and then being thrown away like trash by those you love? That is precisely what happened to a tiny pit mix puppy who weighed just three pounds.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan saw her laying on the side of the road and rushed her to our Hope Animal Sanctuary just in the nick of time!

The abandoned puppy’s eyes were so matted over that she could barely see, and her nose was also crusted over with green mucus, which made it difficult for her to breathe. Fearing for her life, our staff rushed the pup to our veterinarian, Dr. Daniel Hill, who immediately began treating the pup whom we named Pearl. It was touch and go, but Dr. Hill and his staff worked tirelessly to save her life. 

Five days later, the strong and determined Pearl was ready to leave the hospital.  She is now a happy and healthy little girl who loves everyone she meets regardless of species! Soon, Pearl will be ready for her very own forever home, but until then, she will be given lots of love and attention at our Sanctuary!

Pearl is safe because you cared enough to support our life-saving work.  Please help us continue to save animals in need by donating today.

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