Starving Dogs Thrown Away Like Trash!

Starving Dogs Thrown Away Like Trash!

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 a grey pickup truck pulled up to the site where Hope Animal Sanctuary is being expanded and rebuilt. The occupants of the truck pushed eight young emaciated dogs out of the truck, and then sped away.

Sanctuary employees were called and came to feed, water, and then collect the dogs. All are malnourished and covered in parasites, and their recovery will take a while.

When Operations Manager Sharon Stone and Operations Director Debbie Clark assessed the dogs, they were horrified to find that these dogs ranged in age from 6 to 8 months. Their small sizes were an indication of long term starvation which had stunted their growth. They appeared to be from two different litters. Members of these younger litter appeared to be 6 months old and weighed only about 12 pounds each, while the others appeared to be about 8 months old and weighed about 18 pounds each. These dogs should each easily weigh twice what they currently weigh.

All of them were very thin and most of them were suffering from mange. The dogs were brought to places of safety, given vaccinations, dewormer medication, and treatment for mange. They were also covered in fleas and received flea prevention treatment as well.

We wish we could say this does not happen very often, but the sad reality is that this happens every day across our country. Failure to spay and neuter animals has caused a massive overpopulation of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats.

We know we can’t save them all, but with your help we can save many of them. Your help allows us to provide safety, love and medical care to those poor unwanted animals that are dumped every day.


They are safe now, and when they have healed, they will be placed in loving homes with guardians who will care for them for the rest of their lives. 

Please help us cover the costs of their care with a donation.


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