In an Hour, a Day, a Week – the Call Will Come

In an Hour, a Day, a Week – the Call Will Come

Unless you are involved in animal rescue, it is almost impossible to imagine that our Hope Animal Sanctuary receives just as many calls reporting horse abuse as it does for dogs and cats.

As you read these words, a frantic call from a caring neighbor could be coming into the sanctuary right now- asking if we can please save an abused equine from further agony.

We want to be able to say yes … in time… every time! 

But,we are not a giant organization. We need your help today to be able to do it.

In fact, not so long ago, we arrived on the grim scene of nineteen horses barely clinging to life in Yalobusha County, Mississippi. Six others were dead, draped about in the saddest states of decomposition we’d ever seen. We delivered hay within an hour. Then your generous love and support delivered hay everyday after that! You funded medicines, supplements, and rescue & relocation to greener, kinder pastures.

Costs for that rescue alone climbed into the tens of thousands of dollars, and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Just recently, a deputy in Mississippi’s Chickasaw County struggled for months to try and get help for a poor horse named April. His hands were tied as he watched in desperation as this beautiful creature wasted away because her guardians refused to properly care for her.

Finally, in desperation, hecalled our Justice for Animals Campaign (JAC) team and together we found a way to free April!  Her former guardians had nearly killed this poor girl.

Hips and ribs protruding and horribly malnourished, she hung her noble head in shame. What kind of people intentionally force their own companions to suffer so?!

We thank the stars every day for that deputy, for Hope Animal Sanctuary, and for Doll Stanley and her JAC team.

The phone will ring. Of this we have no doubt. Please help us be there for horses.


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