Tiny Puppy Dumped Like Trash Gets a Christmas Miracle

Tiny Puppy Dumped Like Trash Gets a Christmas Miracle

On the night of Christmas Eve, when many people are spending time with family or friends, one cold-hearted person was preparing to dump a puppy like trash.

While showing their children all of the lights around town, another family was shocked at what they saw, when they noticed a vehicle ahead of them make a quick stop, open the door and set something out in the street. When they arrived where the car stopped, they found a tiny puppy huddled on the ground.

This kind family quickly scooped up the frightened puppy, placing her in their warm vehicle, and took her to their home where they cared for her until after Christmas. After the holiday, they took the tiny pup, now named Dani, to a local veterinarian where she was given a full medical exam and lots of TLC from the entire staff. 

Today, Dani is safe at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary. We will never know why Dani was thrown away, but we do know that today she is a happy 4-pound girl who enjoys playing with other puppies and being held and loved by our animal caregivers.

Dani is just one of many puppies who we rescue at our Hope Animal Sanctuary. Each puppy is given required vaccinations and all medical care needed. 

Dani’s story could have had a very different and tragic ending, but because of your donations, which support our vital work, she will now have a family of her very own. Please help us save more precious lives by donating to In Defense of Animals.

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