Take Action Now to Help Blind and Homeless Dogs of India

Take Action Now to Help Blind and Homeless Dogs of India

Imagine if you could say, “First I brought a garden of joy to a blind homeless dog. And then, I gave another the miracle of sight.” What a gift yours would be! 

Next to the IDA sanctuary in India sits a little patch of dry and lonely land. With a little tenderness from you, your gift of $25, $50, or even $100 will transform this lonely patch of land into a garden to delight the senses of Mumbai’s blind and homeless dogs.

Picture it with me now...

Soft, green grass to tickle blind doggy toes... the sweet scent of flowers, to tickle each blind doggy nose... plus a gentle ramp and safe gateway to keep blind dogs from straying too far. If enough money is raised, your garden of miracles will also fund amazing cataract surgeries for some of these very special friends — fully restoring their eyesight!

In the heart of busy Mumbai, IDA India regularly takes in cast-off dogs who, it seems, have won the unlucky lottery. They are not only homeless — they are sightless.
Blind, sometimes since birth.
Or from fights.
Or sometimes from cataracts or painful glaucoma.
They can’t see to avoid traffic coming.
Can’t find food.
Can’t find shelter.

Dozens of these rescued pooches live in peace at our Blind Ward right now.

For all they’ve been through, we’d like to plant them a sensory garden. And your generous gift of any size now will provide a patch of heaven on earth to explore and relax in.

Some of these extra-special dogs — not only in our Blind Ward, but still on the streets of India — have completely curable conditions.

It’s just too much for us on our bootstrap budget to cover the surgeries that could help these blind dogs and cats see. The cost of just one uncomplicated cataract surgery can cost up to $2,000.

But what if you could plant that miracle garden for our permanent blind residents... then join with others to bring surgery and sight to our blind friends who can be cured?
With a little love from you, it could be the garden oasis where a homeless blind dog sniffs the soft perfume of their very first flower... or takes their first happy steps with restored eyesight.

Please donate as generously as you can to help the homeless blind and homeless dogs of IDA India. Give our beloved Blind Ward residents the miracle surgeries, magic garden, rescues, ongoing care, and happy lives these precious friends deserve.

Your donation now does it all.

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