We Saved Her Eye!

We Saved Her Eye!

Drishti came to In Defense of Animals India’s Panvel center more than a month ago in early May, suffering from a really bad wound to her left eye. Life is hard enough for street dogs who have full vision, so we were prepared to do everything in our power to ensure Drishti didn’t lose her eye!

Our all volunteer staff attended to Drishti’s eye with careful, regular cleaning and dressing, along with treatments of pain-killers and antibiotics to combat the infection in her eye, as well as liver tonics and vitamins to boost her immune system. After a month, our hard work really paid off, and Drishti’s eye was safe!

Drishti made a complete recovery and was released a few days ago, fit and healthy. She is being watched over by the kind guardian who admitted her.

Street dogs often come to IDA India who lose their sight, or simply cannot see at all. Thanks to you, our kind supporters, we are able to care for sightless dogs, and have 44 in our care right now. Please give generously to give the miracle of sight to dogs and cats in need, and build a Garden of Miracles to bring joy to our resident blind dogs.

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