Discover Animal Life Under Lockdown at IDA India

Discover Animal Life Under Lockdown at IDA India

As businesses stay closed and people remain indoors to help stop the spread of COVID-19, animals in need have become particularly vulnerable in India. However, our team at In Defense of Animals India aren’t letting anything get in the way of the important work they do to save lives.

The national lockdown, which was recently extended until May 17, initially caused a lot of worry about how staff and volunteers would be able to care for around 800 animals at our three centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Lonavala. We are the only organization working in these major cities, and the only one rescuing animals, and there are so many animals who need us every day.

Fortunately, veterinary services were deemed essential, and we were able to come up with a plan to ensure we would be able to continue providing care to animals, while keeping both them and our staff safe.

We’ve been working in small teams, taking proper precautions, and have been able to provide care and treatment for all of the animals who need us, including young and old dogs and cats. Many of these animals are blind, handicapped, sick or injured, and stay as residents because they would not be able to survive on their own.

At our Deonar Center in Mumbai, we have nearly 16 assistants who are staying there day and night to care for 350 dogs and 140 cats who have been admitted.

Our female assistants aren’t working at our centers during the lockdown, but two young men have taken over caring for our littlest puppies and kittens — and they’ve done an incredible job.

We’ve had to stop admissions, except for serious cases, and are only releasing dogs and cats who have recovered if they have caretakers who can feed them. Despite the lockdown, most caretakers are managing to do this, and we’ve seen some remarkable compassion from people who are stepping up and calling on others to help animals — from Bollywood stars to local authorities who are providing homeless animals with food.

While these circumstances are unusual and difficult for everyone, we will come out on the other side of this and continue to help as many animals as we can every single day. You can help keep us ready for what comes next and support the work we’re doing by making a lifesaving donation.

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