Dog With Infected Back Wound Makes Full Recovery!

Dog With Infected Back Wound Makes Full Recovery!

Our dedicated team at IDA India’s Turbhe Centre works tirelessly to help save animals who are sick or injured. Located in the densely populated city of Navi Mumbai, the Center accepts and cares for a multitude of animals, with cases ranging from small ailments to severe injuries.

In late June, the Center received a call from Navi Mumbai Mayor J. D. Sutar, to report his concern for a dog with a massive wound on his back who was seen in Shiravane Gaon.

The dog was brought into IDA India’s Turbhe Centre immediately, and the team promptly got to work to help the suffering dog.

For nearly 2 weeks, the dog received daily treatment and dressing to heal the painful and infected wound by Dr. Londhe and his team.

Thanks to the love and dedication of the team, we are thrilled to report that the dog has made a full recovery and was given an anti-rabies vaccination before being released in July.

This miraculous work would not be possible without our wonderful supporters and Dr. Londhe and the IDA India team that are committed to saving animals in need.

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