Meet Rescued Moms in South Korea Waiting for Forever Homes

Meet Rescued Moms in South Korea Waiting for Forever Homes

There’s always a demand for puppies, but we can’t forget about all the deserving moms who need homes too. Right now, we have a few sweet ones who were rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea who are waiting so patiently for forever homes of their own as they watch their babies get adopted and fly out of the country.

We want every dog we save with our partner Jindo Love Rescue to find their perfect people and homes where they’ll be loved and cherished family members who get to experience all sorts of new adventures.

Right now, we have five special moms who have been through a lot and they’ve been watching their babies leave. We’re hoping they’ll each soon have the happy endings they deserve too. 

Cinderella wasn’t just saved from the Miryang dog meat farm, she’s the hero who helped lead our team to all the other dogs there; now this little princess is ready for her own fairy tale ending.

Despite all she’s been through, she’s kind, loyal, brave, smart, and has the brightest smile. She loves hanging out with our volunteers, especially the women, and we can always find her spending time with the younger dogs. She’s good with gentle kids and would be okay as an only dog, as long as she’s included in everything, and we hope she finds the perfect home where she’ll get to experience all life has to offer.

Aurora was also saved from the Miryang dog meat farm last year, but little did we know at the time she was already pregnant. She gave birth to five puppies, and while one sadly died, we were so excited to celebrate the others’ 100-day milestone — despite her traumatic past, she was the best mom to them.

She initially had a tough time when she came in, and we can only imagine how many times she’s been through pregnancies on the farm, but after her last litter was born she started doing a lot better. She’s gentle and calm, and we hope to find her a human mom who’s as sweet and nurturing as she is. Ideally, it would be a home with other laid-back dogs, where they’re included in everything and get to experience new adventures.

We’re not sure what happened before Gemma ended up in a kill shelter with her two babies, but we’re sure it wasn’t good. Heartbreakingly, she was huddled in the corner of her cage with them when we arrived. She’s still super shy and takes a long time to warm up, but we can tell she really wants to be loved.

We’re excited to watch her slowly come out of her shell at our foster center, and hope to find her a quiet home with another small dog who can help her adjust and continue to trust that nothing bad will ever happen to her again.

Gemma will be arriving in the U.S. at the end of March and will be fostered in Las Vegas.

We saved Sunny and her three beautiful puppies from a kill shelter, which is sometimes just a step away from the dog meat trade, just before they were scheduled to be killed. They all needed some serious vet care, but they’re all doing amazing now and while she’s been a wonderful mom, she’s ready for a home of her own.

Like her name implies, she’s pure sunshine. She’s super sweet and loves people and other dogs. We’re hoping to find her a home that already has a dog who can help show her the ropes and be her best adventure buddy.

Sepia, who was rescued at the end of 2022, was living in a junkyard with her sister and was about to be sold for slaughter. We heard about them while our foster center was being rebuilt after the fire, so we couldn’t take them immediately. When we went back, we were too late for the sister, but we were able to save Sepia.

When we took her in, we found out she was heartworm-positive and very pregnant. We’re so grateful that we were able to give her a safe space to have her babies, who will never know anything but love.

Sepia herself is sweet, gentle, loving, and calm and she’s been an exceptional mother to her nine puppies. She loves adventures, affection, being outside, sunbathing, and watching everything that’s happening, and she deserves a loving home where she will be spoiled to pieces.

How to Adopt

If you’re interested in adopting one of these sweet moms, you can learn more about adopting and send Jindo Love Rescue a message on Facebook to start the application process.

While we’re celebrating the end of South Korea’s dog meat trade, we’re also still working to save as many as we can before the ban goes into effect in three years. 

Even if you can’t adopt, you can still help by spreading their stories and supporting our ongoing rescue efforts in South Korea by making a donation and spreading the word about our ongoing need for flight volunteers to courier dogs to new homes.