Special Adopters Needed for Special Dogs From South Korea

Special Adopters Needed for Special Dogs From South Korea

With an end to South Korea’s dog meat trade finally in sight, we’re working hard to place dogs currently in our care with the perfect families so we can save as many as we can. While puppies are always in demand, right now we have some very special dogs who have been waiting a really long time for their forever homes, and we hope their stories inspire experienced adopters to consider them.

We want each of the dogs we save with our partner Jindo Love Rescue to end up in loving and active homes, where they’ll be cherished family members whose physical and emotional needs will be met every day.

While we have a lot of dogs waiting to be adopted, we have 11 very special ones who need some very special homes experienced with training and Spitz breeds, who can be as challenging as they are lovable. We’re also looking for homes that have dogs of the same age and energy levels who can serve as good role models to help them adjust.

Right now, these dogs are being boarded at a training facility, which is not only expensive at $180 per dog every month, it’s not the ideal environment for them; as nice as it is, it’s not a forever home. 

Lance, Harry, Angel, Benny, Sam, Troy, Red, and Raina were all rescued from a dog meat truck headed to slaughter in 2019. They were extremely, and understandably, traumatized when we got them. They’ve overcome a lot, but are still very timid and need experienced adopters who will be very patient with them as they adjust to their new lives, but we know they deserve the very best and hope they each find their perfect forever home..


Harry and Lance were very scared when we rescued them. They’d been through a lot and learning to trust took a long time. They’re both still shy and will need experienced and patient adopters who preferably have a dog in the home who can help them adjust. 

Troy and Sam are brothers, and we would love to see them adopted together. Sam is nice and calm, he’s opened up quite a bit and loves to go out and do things, but he’s still very shy and sensitive to unfamiliar places and noises. He’ll need someone who has a lot of time to spend with him and who will be very patient as he adjusts. Troy is a sweetheart, but he’s still very shy and needs time to adapt to new things. We hope that together, they’ll help each other discover an entirely new world. 

Benny is a rare Dong-gyeong dog. He was incredibly fearful when we first rescued him, but he’s come a long way since then. We hope to find him an experienced home that will be patient and kind, where he will be loved to pieces. 

Red has had a lot of trouble learning to trust humans, which is completely understandable considering what he’s gone through. He needs a very patient, dedicated, and experienced adopter, and we believe he would do best with a woman as he seems to open up more with women than men. If you have a lot of time and love to give, Red would be the perfect companion. 

Angel is, well, an angel! She started out very shy, and while she still is, she’s also come a long way. She’s grown to accept affection and gets along great with people and other dogs. We’re hoping she finds the perfect home with another dog and an experienced adopter who will cherish her and treat her like the angel she is.

Raina has been moved back and forth between our foster center and the training facility and would love a home of her own. She’s calm and as sweet as can be, but the foster center can be a little overwhelming for her, and we want to see her go somewhere she can feel safe, relaxed, and loved. She loves other dogs and would do best with an experienced adopter who already shares their home with a canine companion.

Peter Pan and Pluto, who were rescued from the Miryang dog meat farm last year, are also being boarded to give them some extra training and a more structured environment. We’re hoping to find them homes with people who have a lot of time and experience with Jindos or Spitz breeds who also have active lives and preferably have at least one other dog in the home.

Amos was rescued as a stray in 2021 when he was just a few weeks old. He’s a smaller guy at less than 50 pounds, but he has a big personality. He absolutely loves people, but is very selective with other dogs. We’re not sure why he likes who he does, but we’re sure his choice of friends makes perfect sense to him. He wasn’t doing well with so many Jindos at our foster center so he’s being boarded and the setting there is much more his speed — but it’s not the forever home of his dreams. While he does like some other dogs, we think he would do best as an only dog in a home where he can get all the love and go on adventures with his people, and we’re sure he can’t wait to get there.

How to Adopt

If you’re interested in adopting one of these deserving dogs, you can learn more about adopting and send Jindo Love Rescue a message on Facebook to start the application process.

Even if you can’t adopt, you can still help by spreading their stories and supporting our ongoing rescue efforts in South Korea by making a donation and spreading the word about our ongoing need for flight volunteers to courier dogs to new homes.