Solution To Return Calico Wild Horses To Range: What Will BLM Do?

Solution To Return Calico Wild Horses To Range: What Will BLM Do?

We urge you to watch a Vanity Fair video news story that outlines the plight and opportunities now facing the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse program. This piece puts into perspective theBLM’s position on the wild horse program, IDA’s litigation to stop the roundup of the 1,922 Calico wild horses, and an overview of a recently announced private-public partnership proposal to return the Calico horses to the range.  The Soldier Meadows Ranch – Return To Freedom proposal for the Calico horses is a first-of-a-kind proposal made by a rancher and sanctuary to return wild horses to the range. It’s a great opportunity to break the BLM’s broken cycle of roundup, removal and stockpiling tens of thousands of wild horses. This proposal creates an eco-tourism opportunity, prevents the Calico horses from going to long-term holding and implements a pilot/model for managing wild horses on the range as Congress intended.

While this proposal awaits a response and approval from the BLM, the agency is sadly moving forward with plans to disperse the Calico horses around the country and sending the remainder to long-term holding – thus permanently separating family members for life.  We urge the BLM to stop these plans and to instead focus their time and energy into making this proposal a reality – a first step to reforming the broken and unsustainable program.

Last Thursday was the last public viewing of the Calico horses being held at the publicly-funded, short-term facility in Fallon, Nevada. IDA is opposed to the ending of public viewing of horses at this facility and urges the BLM to re-institute public access to this BLM-managed facility which holds more than 2,220 wild horses who belong to the American people.  It is ironic that the BLM uses tax dollars to fund this facility and prohibits tax payers from seeing their wild horses at this taxpayer-funded facility.

In the meantime, please be sure to voice your opposition to the unnecessary and inhumane proposed roundups of 2,000 horses and burros in the Reveille roundup of 200 horses (public comments due by June 25).