Stop India’s Stray Dogs From Becoming Dog Meat

Stop India’s Stray Dogs From Becoming Dog Meat


A state in southern India has proposed to tackle its large stray dog population by killing thousands of them and then profiting by selling their flesh for human consumption in China and South Korea.

Edakkttuvayal Gram Panchayat President K R Jayakumar introduced the proposal in Kerala, saying, “In my proposal to counter the menace of stray dogs, I suggested that we should utilize the opportunity. We should export stray dog meat to generate foreign money. People in northeast and countries like China and South Korea consume dog meat on a large scale. If we export canines to these countries, we can address the problems of stray dog attacks on humans.”

Such a proposal is not only inhumane, but also in violation of India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Animal Birth Control Rules, 2001. The rules direct all areas to manage stray dog populations through sterilization and vaccination, the only proven method to effectively manage numbers and control human health issues, including rabies.

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