Stop the Killing in Mamaroneck, NY!

Stop the Killing in Mamaroneck, NY!

For more than three decades, Canada geese have been peaceful residents of the Columbus Park and Harbor Island Park in the Village of Mamaroneck. Now, village officials want them dead and gone!

[singlepic id=206 w=320 h=240 float=left]Mayor Rosenblum is pressing ahead with a cruel plan for the geese to be killed by USDA Wildlife Services, a tax-funded agency that kills over a million wild animals every year, and that is notorious for the cruel methods they use to kill animals, whether in the wild or in urban areas.

And while these beautiful, intelligent birds display loyalty for other members of their flock, mate for life, and fiercely protect their eggs and young, they have absolutely no defense when agents of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services come to kill them.

Canada geese will be rounded up during their molting period starting in June when they cannot fly and are entirely helpless. They will be separated from their goslings, packed in crates and trucked to a slaughterhouse to be killed. As a last insult, their lifeless bodies will be donated to food banks, with no consideration of the probable contamination of herbicides and pesticides used in areas where these birds previously resided.

Killing geese is never the answer. Geese repopulate the areas where they’ve been removed, locking communities into an endless, ineffective, brutal and costly killing cycle.

Urge them to take advantage of IDA’s offer to provide Mamaroneck with Ovo-Control-G AT NO COST, a proven, easily used method of oral birth control for geese.

Personalize and submit the form at this link to send your comments. Follow up with a phone call to Mayor Rosenblum: (914) 777-7738.