Stop the Squirrel Bloodbath

Stop the Squirrel Bloodbath

The fire department in Holley, New York is sponsoring the seventh annual “Squirrel Slam” on February 16, an annual event organized for the mass killing of squirrels, with prizes given to the individuals who kill the largest and heaviest of the animals, often the pregnant females.

This year, the squirrel killing contest has a “youth” category for children 14 years and under, and is offering big cash prizes for kids and adults.

While squirrels are the primary victims of these appalling killing contests, the children are also victims. Encouraging kids to kill animals for fun teaches them that animals do not have any value other than serving as targets; that one can make money from blasting away defenseless animals; and that killing and suffering inflicted on animals is not only acceptable, but is encouraged.

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