Suffering Elephant Nosey Needs Your Help Today

Suffering Elephant Nosey Needs Your Help Today

Long-suffering elephant Nosey is being forced to give rides at the Berlin Fair in Marne, Michigan this week from July 15 through the 20th.

IDA has informed the fair of exhibitor Hugo Liebel’s decades of documented abuse and neglect of Nosey, who he’s now calling Tiny. Now, the fair organizer needs to hear from you.

Liebel was recently fined as the result of USDA charges claiming more than 30 welfare violations for which Liebel had repeatedly been cited between 2007 and 2011. These included failure to provide adequate veterinary care as well as safe handling violations that put Nosey and the public at risk.

In April, Nosey was barred from entering Maine because a TB blood test showed that she carries the antibodies for the disease, and because Liebel had failed to do required follow-up testing.

And now the Berlin Fair is giving Liebel yet another chance to profit from his appalling treatment of Nosey. Nosey is constantly chained except when giving rides or performing unnatural tricks. Her terrible skin condition persists. Liebel’s mishandling presents a constant danger to Nosey and to the public. No fair should support an exhibitor with such a history of contempt for Nosey’s welfare or for laws intended to protect people and animals.

IDA and our members have worked tirelessly on behalf of Nosey for years, and she needs your help again.

Please send a brief, polite email today to:, asking them to cancel elephant rides at the festival.

Please use your own words, considering the following suggested points:

  • Liebel was recently fined for violations of federal animal welfare law including failure to provide Nosey with adequate veterinary care as well as safe handling violations that put Nosey and the public at risk.
  • Liebel continues to mishandle Nosey and threaten her safety and that of fair goers.
  • Elephants used for rides, like Nosey, spend their lives in chains and in the tight confinement of trucks and pens, constantly transported around the country.
  • Elephants like Nosey are wild animals.  Handlers control them through dominance with the bullhook, a steel-tipped weapon similar to a fireplace poker that is used to strike, stab, prod and intimidate elephants into obedience.
  • Since 1990, there have been at least 13 deaths and 120 injuries in the U.S. attributed to elephants. Nosey herself has injured a handler.

And please leave polite comments on the fair’s Facebook page, as well.

As always, thank you for all you do for the elephants!