The Cost of BLM's Cycle of Rounding Up Wild Horses

The Cost of BLM's Cycle of Rounding Up Wild Horses

There is a high cost for our government’s wild horses and burro program, it starts with the waste of tens of millions of tax dollars each year but ends with the devastation to wild horses who have their freedom, family and homes stolen from them.

This tragedy has befallen hundreds of thousands of wild horses over the years.

The latest victims are the Calico horses. Their tragedy continues today at the short-term holding facility in Fallon, Nevada. We wanted to share with you the American Wild Horse Preservation Coalition’s (AWHPC’s) report BLM Calico Complex Roundup: A Case Study of a Broken System for Horses and Taxpayers which outlines the high costs of death, injury and suffering for wild horses rounded up at the expense of every tax payer. Supporting this report is Wild Horses — The Stress of Captivity” a paper written by Dr. Bruce Knock, Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine and expert on the physiological effects of stress on animals. For a summary on the report check out AWHPC’s blog.

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